WSJ: Funding Was Secured, but…

WSJ: Funding Was Secured, but Elon Walked Away
Elon wycofał się z wyjścia Tesli z giełdy bo możliwe, że straciłby kontrolę nad Teslą – kilku dużych inwestorów skupiłoby w swoich rękach dostatecznie dużo akcji. Z przecieków: Volkswagen chciał zainwestować 30 miliardów $…

As the team hustled to put form to his idea, lining up investors willing to put up the tens of billions of dollars required for the deal, Mr. Musk was having doubts, according to people familiar with this thinking.

A buyout, even if accomplished, would force some of the technology mutual funds that had been ardent supporters to trim their stakes. It might mean allowing competitors inside his tent — one of the investors his bankers had lined up was Volkswagen AG, people familiar with the matter said.

Taking Tesla private also would displace legions of small-fry stockholders — a merry band of electric-car fanatics willing to look past Tesla’s rickety finances and its struggle to master the skill of mass-producing automobiles. Taking their place would be more sophisticated investors tugging on a tighter leash.


Volkswagen reportedly intended to invest 30 billion dollars in Tesla together with other investors including Silver Lake. This venture was blocked by Musk, however, as this would have provided VW with too much influence over the EV brand.

A possibility behind Musk’s sudden change of heart regarding privatization may be related to an attempt by Volkswagen to purchase the company out from under him. At least, that is what the Wall Street Journal has learned from unnamed insiders. Due to his desire to remain in absolute control of his company, Musk then backpedaled regarding the private investment scheme.



Volkswagen investment plans blocked by Tesla

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